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Ever had the feeling that bad things are on the way?
Ever wished your mind had no more words to say?
Ever wished you could shut them all out;
Get rid of the premonitions that scream and shout?
For all I know, it may just simply be
A trace of paranoid anxiety,
But all I know is that I need
To keep the voices under lock and key.
I know my thoughts may amount to nothing,
All just the result of irrational worrying...
But there's a feeling down inside my heart
That something bad, is about to start...
I can't find a way to calm myself down
As the images all go around and around;
Betrayal unmentionable though just hypothetical,
Trauma unimaginable, barely just foreseeable.
I can't get this feeling out of my chest
And I can't get even a moment's rest.
Please dear brain, have some mercy
And end the thoughts that are plaguing me...
Lying awake, afraid to close my eyes,
Afraid to let in more nightmares and lies.
The thoughts erode at my mind's foundation,
I drown and break down in these false pre
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 0 0
Valentine (Chocolate and Rose) by ZeroSanity2713 Valentine (Chocolate and Rose) :iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 12 4
I used to think red was such an innocent colour,
In my mind it was held above any other.
My ignorant innocence was truly bliss,
Take me back to the days I sorely miss…
I used to think red was the colour of roses and love,
It was in my favourites but there were others above.
Why couldn’t it all have just stopped at this?
Take me back to the days it was the colour of a kiss…
I used to think red was the colour of fear and blood,
Made to flow from within my skin, a crimson flood.
When and how did I ever get thoughts like these?
Please take me away from these dark memories…
Red is all this and so much more, I now know,
Within every single one of us, it does flow,
Despite emotion like happiness or sadness,
It lies within our veins, warm yet emotionless.
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 14 9
Jigsaw Heart by ZeroSanity2713 Jigsaw Heart :iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 14 5 An Aussie Spy by ZeroSanity2713 An Aussie Spy :iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 4 18
Many ghosts lie within our heads,
But none of them want to lay to rest.
Eventually they will stop coming back
And finally just fade away to black.
Have you ever wondered when the present
Will become just another forgotten moment?
Have you ever wondered when we will be
Just another bittersweet memory?
We lie awake at night, trying not to dream,
Trying not to see anything we can believe.
We only want us and this to last forever,
Never to become just a night to remember.
Everything must eventually come to an end,
No matter how hard we try and pretend.
We all know that everything must eventually
Fall and fade away to just a distant memory.
Although we try to forever stay aflight,
Someday we will all lose the fight
And fall away with burning wax wings
Into Death’s arms, always awaiting.
While we forever worry about the future
And clutch to a past we can barely remember,
We all know that one day, someday, we
Will all fade to a forgotten memory…&
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 35 24
Screwing up my eyes and searching my mind
For some words that I can leave forever behind,
For some message to leave for some dear reader,
Trying to make my world just a little bit clearer.
I’m trying so hard to try and again write
But no more does anything feel quite right.
Too happy for sadness, no good at happiness,
I think I just need a lot more practice.
I’m opening my eyes and opening my mind,
Trying to leave the search far behind,
Leaving a message for you dear reader:
Sometimes words can’t make the world clearer.
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 13 11
I was drowning for over two years
In a sea of agony and crimson tears.
Now I’m free and all I want to do
Is spend my forever with you.
I was in the Blue, way over my head
To the point where I wished I was dead.
Now not only do I simply survive;
Now, thanks to you, I can finally fly.
I know the future is shrouded in mystery,
But past and present have no goal to see.
I know the concept of forever may be fake
But that’s a chance I am willing to take.
"You have to fall before spreading your wings"
Well none have fallen any further than me;
I’m falling for you beyond the point of saving,
But at least I’m falling with some company,
Head over heels and there’s no way I’d rather be
Than side by side, shooting for eternity...
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 35 33
I never thought that I would ever
Truly believe in the word forever,
But now I look at you and I see
The impossible possibility…
They all seem to say that love is forever
Though promises can break and bonds can sever,
I used to believe that forever was just a lie
That we try to make reality before we all die.
Never before have I felt it possible
For anything to last an eternity,
But for our lovely little fable,
There’s no end that I can see.
I guess predictions have limited range,
I guess one day things might change,
Whether for better or for worse,
For this is Life’s eternal curse.
All I know is all I need
Which is for you to always be
Forever right next to me
Through this life and into eternity…
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 30 19
My eyes opened. Darkness greeted them. Grunting, I lifted myself out from under the covers. Vague shapes emerged as the sun slowly made its way higher, lighting the world. I glanced at the clock glowing next to my bed. Red, flickering light quietly announced that is was 4:45am. I sat up quietly,peering at my surroundings.
I'm not sure how long I sat there,watching the sun rise, catching a bleak light on my room, full of dark grey tones,drab and dull even in the light. Finally,I stood,picking up and pulling on a shirt off the floor. 
I plugged in a pair of earphones as I walked, my music already blaring as I stepped out into the world. The streets seemed silent, birds sung no song as they flew overhead and cars made no noise even as they rolled by on the road beside me. I was deaf to the world in my shell of music and thoughts.
The park was equally silent as I walked over the short, manicured grass, past the tress, to that spot, that table... The park was almost empty at
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 14 17
Time to Leave
Trying to push against the current,
Trying in vain to hold my own
Against the oppression you present,
Why can’t you just leave me alone?
I know how childish this all seems,
That’s exactly what I want you to know.
I’m not as dependent as you believe,
I don’t need you, In fact I need to go.
I’m sick of you thinking that you have a say
In what I think, what I say, or what I do.
I’m sick of pretending that it’s all okay
But most of all, I’m sick of you.
You’ve treated me like a child for far too long;
Telling me how to live and what to believe,
But now it’s time for you to finish your song
And it’s finally time for me to leave…
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 13 6
I can feel the light seep out of my bones
Leaving me lifeless and unable to moan.
By invisible hands I'm bound and tied,
Held by the demons I’ve hidden inside.
Monsters reside inside my head
Bringing me down until I wish I was dead.
Demons lie deep within my heart
Their whispers slowly tearing me apart.
I’m sick of this feeling within my chest,
Tired of the demons never letting me rest;
Endlessly hearing their relentless call
Until all I want is just to end it all…
I’ve battled the same demons for so long
That to stop would just feel so wrong,
But you’ve nearly driven them all away,
Leaving me with no more words to say…
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 39 27
Siren Song
A voice rings in my head but not my ear,
Telling me all I don’t want to hear,
Like how in this life I don’t belong
And so begins the silent siren song…
Everything is great, maybe even divine,
Yet I’m still not okay or even barely fine.
Everything is alright but I’m all wrong,
Being driven insane by that siren song…
Every moment seems to last forever,
In a cycle that even love can’t sever.
This short life feels far too long
When hearing the slow siren song…
The voice still echoes within my head,
Singing of everything it knows I dread.
I’m starting to lose the will to carry on,
Sick of hearing this siren song…
I start to wonder if Death’s endless bliss
Is worth the pain of those that would miss
Me when I’m forever dead and gone,
Overcome and taken by the siren song…
Death is sounding more and more attractive
As I lose track of reasons to continue to live.
So now I’m givi
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 49 29
Rosemary and Cyanide (Jumpstarts and Antidotes)
A bitter taste fills my mouth
But I can’t seem to get it out.
I’m choking and I’m crying;
I’m drowning, slowly dying…
Darkness fills me from the inside out,
Slowly working its way up my throat.
It kind of tastes a lot like suicide
With hints of rosemary and cyanide.
I start to vomit and to cough
But it just isn’t enough;
I’m dying inside, is it too late?
Is this death simply my fate?
A curtain of black falls over my eyes
Blinding me to all of Life’s lies.
Poisoned by the darkness in my head,
I break down until I wish I was dead.
I can feel you saving me like a jumpstart
To my broken apart, pitiful excuse of a heart.
I can feel you curing me like an antidote
Now these words aren’t the last I ever wrote…
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 20 8
Warm and Bloody Heart
A familiar darkness consumes me from within,
Pushing me towards the deadliest of sins.
Everything inside of me is breaking apart
Everything except for my warm, bloody heart.
My mind and soul push me ever closer
To that from which I would never recover,
But something in my heart holds me back
From the everlasting abyss of Black.
Sometimes I get better, often I get worse,
Constantly fighting this depressive curse.
A trip to Hell would probably end the pain,
But then I know I’d never see you again.
You give me a reason to hold on
To Life even when it feels wrong,
You give me moments of happiness
Even when I’m drowning in darkness…
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 10 5
please ignore this poem about writer's block
The feeling builds but no words come to me,
No way to vent away my insanity.
Writer’s block is holding me so fucking tight
That it seems there’s no way to fight.
From the inside out, I’m going insane,
Trying to find a way to end this pain;
Struggling to find some words to say,
Struggling to make my head okay.
I look around for some inspiration
But all I get is fucking frustration.
The feeling builds inside of me
Feeding this endless insanity...
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 10 19
woo. poems and stuff, you must be thrilled.

kidding ahahah, enjoy XD


Will write poetry for points
Just give me some ideas and I'll see what I can do for you
I can do romantic or emotional poetry, and I'm willing to try other genres if you have any ideas



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Hi, I am a writer.
That sentence has become more and more true since i started writing poetry early last year, as my writing has progressed from jarringly bad poems with no rhyme and no rhythm, to poems that even I myself admit are pretty good, with good rhythm and good rhyming couplets.
I also wrote a couple of short stories (which is why I joined DeviantArt in the first place), but they aren't worth much mention.

I am also a proud llama trader

So thankyou if you read this, and I hope you enjoy my work

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Hey guys it's me, Zero
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I might write something soon, I found word-processing software on my phone, so that may be an option (although inspiration has been eluding me for weeks now anyway).

Anyway, I'll try to write something for you guys soon,

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I'm starting to get a very real feeling
Of a false premonition slowly approaching...

Premonition, coming soon
Oh wow, I missed my 2nd Deviantversary
I've been so caught up in trying to get a job and stuff
Also, came off my skateboard when coming home from a friend's birthday hangout (pics of wounds here (may contain blood):
Finally updated my profile pic and avatar!
I got a new phone today and took a decent picture of myself and edited it. Tell me what you think :D
¿ʎzzıp ɐpuıʞ ƃuıןǝǝɟ ǝsןǝ ǝuoʎuɐ sı
I've been listening to alot of b-side tracks by The Wombats lately
Have you ever heard a b-side and thought "why the hell isn't this on a full album"?



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